Cemetery Surveys

Working in CemeteryOVAI is available to help document cemeteries. In particular, we use geophysical survey instruments to non-destructively locate lost cemeteries and unmarked graves.

Cemeteries are absolutely some of the most challenging conditions in which to conduct geophysical surveys. No one geophysical survey instrument can detect all graves 100% of the time. Furthermore, graves may still be present even if no obvious signs of them are detected during the geophysical surveys. That said, and assuming the ground/site conditions allow for surveys to be done, multi-instrument geophysical surveys are the best approach for non-destructively identifying the presence of unmarked graves in cemeteries of any age.

On most projects, we use a variety of tools to help identify cemetery boundaries and locate lost graves:

  • Geophysical Survey
  • Old Aerial Photographs
  • Historical Documents
  • Detailed Field Mapping with a Laser Transit and GPS