Zenas Jackson House

Located in Columbus, Ohio, the Zenas Jackson House was built in 1860 and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places (NRHP).  The space that the house now occupies, however, is much older.  The house was built on the location of a War of 1812 encampment, which in turn, was built within a 2000 year old prehistoric earthwork known as Jackson Fort.  The earthwork was a ditch and embankment circle, typical of earthen constructions by the ancient Adena culture, and portions of the enclosure are still visible today.


While the above video shows an animation of the Zenas Jackson House, photogrammetry models can be viewed from any perspective within a variety of free software, and if the models are of high enough quality, accurate measurements can be taken directly from the models.  This ability to manipulate and measure photogrammetry models make them ideal for historical documentation, restoration and maintenance purposes.


zenas_meas_numberThe image to the left captures the Zenas Jackson House photogrammetry model and a measurement taken directly from the model.



The below images are photographs of actual measurements taken from the same window as the photogrammetry model measurement.  The measurements show that the photogrammetry model of the Zenas Jackson House is accurate to less than a 1/2 inch.

img_20161020_164638 img_20161020_164725