Serpent Mound

0Possibly the world’s most famous prehistoric earthwork, Serpent Mound winds along a bluff edge overlooking Brush Creek in Adams County, Ohio.  While conducting geophysical surveys of the Serpent Mound park, we had the opportunity to conduct a photogrammetry survey of the entire park.

Below is a link to an animation of the Serpent Mound photogrammetry model.

serpent_mound_hillshade_landscapeoverviewPhotogrammetry has the ability to create very detailed Digital Surface Models (DSMs).  These surface models can be combined with other data sets to perform topographical analysis.   The image to the left shows an overview of the area surrounding Serpent Mound.  The large scale topography was created from the Ohio Statewide Imaging Program (OSIP) LiDAR data, while the actual Serpent Mound was create from our photogrammetry model.


Below is a comparison of the OSIP LiDAR data and our photogrammetry model.  The OSIP LiDAR data has a resolution of around 2 meters.  The photogrammetry surface model is of the Serpent Mound has a resolution of 10 centimeters.

serpent_mound_hillshade_osip_lidar serpent_mound_hillshade_photogrammetry










The photogrammety topographic model is the most detailed model ever created of Serpent Mound and allows the Serpent Mound to be seen in an entirely new perspective.  One of the most dramatic views of the Serpent Mound was the shape of the Serpent’s head.  The head clearly has an angular, thin bottom jaw and rounded thicker upper jaw, seemingly very snake like.


By performing the photogrammetry survey of the entire park, we were able to create a surface model of the park that contained many small details that are otherwise missing from the OSIP data.  This type of fine detail can help with interpreting geophysical results and planning of site management.

osip_total_overview serpent_total_overview